Who Are His "Real" Parents?

" Our son will have two sets of parents: his birth parents, and us, his adoptive parents. They're both real. We refer to the mom and dad who gave birth to him as his birth parents, not his 'real parents' or 'natural parents.' We, as his adoptive parents, are every bit as real and natural as those who gave birth to him. We will be his real parents by adoption. We will provide for him, love him, talk to him, hug and kiss him, play with him, read him bedtime stories, keep him safe, take care of him when he's sick, teach him about Jesus and about life. We will be his real parents every bit as he is our real son. He will be a permanent and important part of our family. We are very proud of his heritage and how our family will be formed. "


Jen said...

I found this link (and "heard" the news) through my Facebook stalking and am so excited to watch this journey.

Adoption is very dear to my heart and I have two good friends who have adopted both overseas and domestically. I also have a friend of a friend who just brought a baby back from Ethiopia as well. If you want more blogs to stalk, there's is great!

So excited to see how the journey goes.

Jen Mayes :)

Emily B. said...

I love that onesie-- gotta get one for Baby D :)