Our Adoption Ticker

Our adoption ticker is counting how long we've been in the process, not how long till the baby is home (although I sure do wish it was one month till he's home!) Sorry that's so confusing. Lots of people have asked. Once we get a referral and a travel date, we will turn the ticker to a countdown to when Baby Oren will arrive home! :)


Anonymous said...

The time will pass before you know it. Savor every minute.

Clay and Tracy said...

Great blog!! Please contact me if you have any paperwork questions!tracycornett@bellsouth.net

Amy said...

I am trying to think of Ethiopian products.... I know that you can get lots of things from Cafe Press... We have a shirt for Silas off Cafe Press that says "I'm kind of a big deal in Ethiopia" If you go to cafepress.com and type in Ethiopia tons of things will pop up.
Baby names... I don't know of any sites in particular... did just buy a book today called A is for Atticus... It has GREAT names in it.